Corrugated boxes are the most common as a shipping and mailing option.

The walls provide much-needed protection for even the better handling with the low material cost.

Corrugated boxes has 3 fiberboard layers in its structure.

The outer layers are called linerboards, and the wavy layer of paper sandwiched in between the linerboards is called flute.

In some cases, to add extra protection to the products, corrugated sheets can be doubled-up, combining different grades of fluting.

Most companies use corrugated boxes to efficiently ship and deliver big amounts of products between long distances.

Also , Some companies demand for printing application on their corrugated boxes.

Our company supplies below mentioned types of corrugated boxes ; *Mailing Boxes

*Master Cartons

*Shoe Boxes

*Gift Boxes

*Cosmetic Boxes

*Corrugated Trays