Paperboard boxes have been the most popular packaging options throughout history and remain one of the most popular today.

They are cost effective and versatile, but also serve as a better packaging alternative to plastic.

It is always popular because being exceptionally light weight and flexible, folding cartons can be used for nearly any type of product.

Paperboard boxes are being produced with pulp from scrap paper) and reprocessed to create the packaging.

The paperboard production processes are cutting, folding, and lamination and then it is being delivered laying flat, ready for construction and packaging.

They can be printed on large sheets of paperboard to be cut and scored.

You can create premium packaging with custom folding carton boxes and really capture consumer attention.

Kraft is an excellent option if you are searching for environmentally-friendly packaging material that is still affordable and looks good.

The other reason folding cartons are such a popular choice is because of its cost efficiency while still offering a high end feel.

We supply below mentioned type of paperboard boxes ;

*Pillow Boxes

*Cake Boxes

*Cosmetic Boxes

*Paper Cups

*fast food containers